Caden's Dreamstars

Caden was born to shoot dreamstars, but why won’t his fly? His friends make their stars soar ‘cross the sky and grant a child a wish as each one passes by.

As Caden gets frustrated and tries to force his stars to fly like all the others, he discovers that not all stars are the same. After a new friends teaches him the importance of listening and being gentle with his special cargo, he finally fulfills his purpose of making children’s dreams come true.

In this upcoming release by E.B. Favé, boys and girls will love hearing the story behind shooting stars and just how those wishes that they wish-upon-a-star come true. Parents will also enjoy this read aloud bedtime tale as it offers lessons about the importance of patience and of finding your own style.

photo by: @dustywesty

photo by: @dustywesty

A little boy lives
in a land full of dreams,
where stars shine with wishes
and the night moon beams,
— E.B. Favé

Coming SPRING 2019

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